Welcome to Rage and Warfare

A landing page for our Guild Wars 2 world versus world community

About us

Rage and Warfare is an active WvW community. Our main focus is open world fighting tactics, enraging our enemies, and proving we are a force to be reckoned with.

We are recruiting:

  • Guild Wars 1 & Guild Wars 2 veterans
  • Seasoned Guild Wars 2 players
  • Complete newbies to the game willing to learn and enjoy the game this community does
  • Players with a willingness to have fun and get a little crazy with us at times


General questions

See for your self

100% rep during guild events, WvW Raids and Guild Missions, participation in our guild discord, listening in to voice comms during rallies. Having a mic is helpful, but only listening is required. We also expect our members to be active in the guild and contribute when possible.
We offer the experience of a lifetime and an awesome community of people from across the globe. No seriously! In game, we offer the chance to expand your Guild Wars 2 experience with our broad range of Class experts and the chance to be in some wicked fights in WvW
More Questions
To have a sense of humor. We can all be dicks from time to time. Not to be a complete jackass while your repping our tag ([RaW]). Guild rallys require Ts3; mic usage is preferred but not required. Scheduled WvW rallys require 100% rep, and that you attend 1 guild rally per week.
That's fine. If you get in contact with a leader/officer, and you're willing to server swap to join us, we will give you the waiting list rank. The rank is to let others in the guild know that you are serious about joining but are not on our server yet. The waiting list rank will allow you 1 month to switch which is plenty of time to join us. If you haven't joined within said month, you will be kicked BUT you can re-apply.
There are several ways to get in touch with us:
  • Join our Discord
  • Attend our Guild Rally (See calendar or message team/map during our scheduled times.)
  • Or message one of our leaders/officers in game:
  • Brandman.3842, DeeJay.8504, chevy.7968, maharene.9643, Mac.1576 .

Guild Rally Events